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Doug and Tracey Allan opened the doors to Gateway Real Estate in 2011. Their aim: to provide something different for this special area that they both live in and love. They named their business Gateway Real Estate to show both their commitment to the Kyogle region, an area known as the Gateway to the Rainforest, but also as a crucial representation of the type of agency they were looking to establish. 

So often buying, selling or renting a home can be a stressful time and it can seem that all you are seeing is closed doors that are forcing your life to be on hold. At Gateway Real Estate, Doug and Tracey want to provide you with a gateway to the next step in your life. To provide a simple gateway through the stress. A gateway to a new lifestyle and a gateway to a new future.

Many real estate agents are simply looking to make a sale, but Doug and Tracey's intention is to build long term relationships with people. To help them through every step of the real estate process right through to settlement and beyond. This they are looking to do by providing high levels of customer service to everyone they work with, through their extensive local knowledge, through their varied real estate experience, and through their use of multiple methods of marketing, including social media.

Gateway to... Kyogle - the Northern Rivers

Right at the northern tip of New South Wales (NSW) can be found the beautiful region of the Northern Rivers. This diverse area features the world's largest expanse of subtropical rainforest spread over a number of mountains formed from ancient extinct volcanoes, as well as some of the best beaches, not just in Australia but in the world. As such it is an area that appeals to both those looking for a 'tree change' with a love of bush-walking, creeks, adventuring, fossicking and the like, as well as those looking for a 'sea change' and to take advantage of the pristine sand, fabulous all-year round climate, and great surfing and fishing conditions.

The region itself stretches from the edge of the Great Dividing Range right through to the pristine beaches on the east coast, and from the Clarence River in the south up as far north as Tweed Heads nestled just below the Gold Coast and the southern Queensland border. As such the Northern Rivers is a gateway for anyone looking for a lifestyle change - whatever new lifestyle you are looking for.

Historically the region was first settled by those looking to utilise the excellent timber resources of the area and this is still something that continues today. However the major industry that has underpinned the region for most of its history is farming - both arable and livestock (in particular beef and dairy cattle).

The Northern Rivers is also famous for its sense of community and its unique and varied blend of locals with farmers, artists, local business owners, environmentalists and those in search of an alternative way of life, all living together in harmony in one incredible location with a lifestyle and surroundings envied by visitors.

Snapshot of the Northern Rivers
Population: 262,200 people.
Average age of residents: 39 years old.
Expected Population growth: To 319,100 by June 2017.

Annually the region receives 225,000 international visitors, 1.8 million domestic overnight visitors and 2.7 million daytrip visitors.
Tourism employs approximately 7200 people in the region, or 6.8% of the region's workforce and generates approximately $1.1 billion in revenue for the regional economy (Source: http://www.northernriverstourism.com.au/).

The region lies within a subtropical zone on the eastern seaboard of Australia. Temperatures are generally mild all year round. Mean minimum and maximum temperatures range from 13.2 and 25.5 degrees Celsius. Mean annual rainfall is 120mm and mean number of clear days is 109. (This is a regional snapshot based using Lismore - source: www.northernriverstourism.com.au).

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