Gateway to... Effective Marketing

If you are reading this it is likely that you are considering selling or renting out a property you own - maybe even your own home. The choice of agent to do this is very important. One area in particular that is crucial in deciding which agent to use is the way your property is marketed and to whom.
Gateway Real Estate understands the Kyogle market and to be effective in marketing property in this area you need to meet the needs of both a discerning interstate market and a focused local market.

Gateway to... the discerning interstate market

(1) Extensive Internet Advertising
The internet is the most important marketing tool at an agent's disposal; indeed research shows that 90% of buyers will look online before even speaking to a real estate agent. This means that extensive internet advertising is essential to expose a property to both local and out of area buyers and tenants. Gateway Real Estate has therefore invested heavily in this medium and advertises all their properties on multiple real estate websites. Please see below for a selection of websites we advertise through:

This website is particular crucial indeed about 40% of an agency's buyer enquires come through this real estate website. Due to this market leading position there are a number of additional options that can be taken up to ensure your property remains at a high profile position on this website: including Feature Property status, targeted e-brochures and Property of the Week. These are recommended optional extras and can all be taken up through Gateway Real Estate. There is an additional cost for these but remember that marketing costs are ultimately an investment in achieving the best price for your property not simply an additional cost to be met. For more information contact Doug on 0429 141 789.

(2) Targeted Print Media Advertising

In this online age print advertising is definitely not as essential as it used to be. Indeed statistics show that a very small percentage of total buyer enquiries come through print media. However there are times when it is an effective additional tool that can be utilised and therefore when applicable Gateway Real Estate will organise and produce striking print adverts targeting interstate rural buyers by print campaigns on a national level with adverts in the widely circulated QLD Country Life and The Land.

Gateway to... the focused local market
A few buyers will move to Kyogle with no previous connection to the area; however the majority of sales are made up of people who already have a connection with the Kyogle region - whether that is family, friends or personal. Thus appealing to the local market can be the most effective way of marketing a property here.
Gateway Real Estate has therefore put together a targeted local marketing plan to reach not just current buyers, but also the family and friends of those buyers.

(1) Extensive Internet Advertising
As discussed above the Real Estate websites are the first step in reaching not just the interstate buyer but also the local buyers.

(2) Signs That Stand Out
One of the best ways of reaching local buyers is through word of mouth and one of the best ways of starting locals talking is to erect a Gateway Real Estate sign outside a property. Not only do neighbours talk but also buyers regularly drive around the area and are always on the lookout for new signs being erected. Many times properties have been sold or rented from an enquiry that came in from a sign; whether the person themselves saw the sign or someone else saw it and told them.

(3) Utilising Social Media
In the last few years online social media has increased exponentially and it is a challenge for businesses to learn how to harness the incredible potential that is here. Unlike many agencies Gateway Real Estate has fully embraced this as a new way of increasing the exposure of client's properties in the market place. Indeed with the network of local people that they have built up through their presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn they can immediately market your property to hundreds of potential local buyer's exclusive to their agency who may not even have contacted an agent yet.  [Linking people to the relevant pages]

(4) Eye Catching Window Display
Local buyers spend time looking in agent's windows and the windows they will come back to time and again are those of agents that are well located, that keep the window up to date and whose window cards are eye catching. Gateway Real Estate is well located opposite the chemist and right beside the local banks and solicitors; is constantly updating its window with new properties and any price changes; and ensures its properties stand out with eye catching window cards, with easy to read descriptions and high quality photographs.

(5) Targeted print media advertising
Adverts in the local Express Examiner and Northern Star's Domain Real Estate section can sometimes be effective and are an additional option should other avenues not reap rewards.